Indian has 47- 48 % growth after launching Make in India program

In India after launching Make in India program, FDI has 48% yearly basis increment between October 2014 to April 2015. Government launches this program in last year September .

Other one thing is, Atul Chaturvedi whose the joint secretary of Department of industrial policy and promotions said in one of the seminar which is organised by PHDCCI . He said that after launching the make in India program FDI Goes high and has 47-48% fantastic growth in this year instead last year. Its a very good program which gives a high growth of FDI.

As per the DIPP, between October 2014 to April 2015, India has 18.84 million dollar FDI which is more than last year FDI at same Period . Last year FDI at this same time is 13.4 Million dollar. He also said that FII also invest in India with great curiosity and its shows that foreign investor has interested to invest in India. Foreign direct investment has great growth after launch make in India program.

Is of doing business recovery committee chairman Ajay shankar said that government want to increase foreign and domestic investment so gov. finish many rules,outline and paperwork .


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